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How to Program Garage Door Opener

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Manually opening a garage door can be inconvenient and dangerous. That’s why automatic garage door openers are such great tools to have. No automatic garage door opener would be complete, though, without a garage door opener remote. Whether it’s mounted in your vehicle or in your Indianapolis home, a garage door opener remote allows you to gain access to your garage with just the touch of a button. Before you can use your garage door opener remote, though, it needs to be programmed. To help simplify this process, here is a basic guide from Garage Door Doctor on everything you’ll need to know to ensure that your garage door opener remote works correctly. Call a specialist if you need help with garage door opener service in Indianapolis.

Different Types of Garage Door Openers

There are two main types of garage door opener remotes from Garage Door Doctor: wired and wireless. Wired opener remotes are often installed in the garage itself or next to a service door that leads from the house to the garage. These types of remotes make it easy to open and close your garage door when you’re not in your vehicle.

In many cases, these types of remotes are illuminated with a low-power nightlight so that you can find the remote when it’s dark. Wireless remotes, on the other hand, are almost exclusively for use in a vehicle. In most cases, a garage door opener kit will come with one or more wireless remotes that you can move from vehicle to vehicle. In addition, most newer vehicles come with a wireless transmitter built in so that you won’t need a separate remote.

How Does a Garage Door Opener Work?

Wireless garage door remotes utilize a radio transmitter built into the remote that is paired with a receiver that’s built into the garage door opening mechanism. When you push a button on the remote, the transmitter sends a signal that the receiver can decode. When the receiver detects that the correct signal has been sent, it activates the motor to begin opening or closing your garage door.

A wired garage door opener remote sends an electrical signal to the garage door opener when you push the corresponding button. A wireless remote is powered using long-lasting lithium batteries while a wired opener receives its power from the electrical supply that powers the opener motor.

How to Program Your Garage Door Openers

To prevent your garage door from opening with remotes other than yours, you must program the receiver on your door’s opening mechanism to recognize your wireless remotes. You’ll need to access the opening mechanism, which means you’ll need a ladder or step stool. On the opening mechanism, you’ll find a button called the “learn button.” This button is located in different places on different openers.

Once you find the button, press it once, then press the “open” button on one of your wireless remotes. The light on the opening mechanism will flash to let you know the system has been programmed. Then, you’ll want to test your remote to make sure that it works. You’ll need to repeat this procedure for each of your wireless remotes.

Proper Garage Door Opener Maintenance

Since you use your garage door opener remotes fairly often, they are likely to begin to form a buildup of body oils that can affect the performance of the remote. That’s why it’s good to wipe down all of your remotes with an alcohol-based cleaner that will both clean and sanitize the remote without damaging it.

For wireless remotes, you’ll also need to make sure to replace the battery. Under normal usage, you can expect to replace the battery approximately every two years. Every year or so, it’s a good idea to open the remote to check and make sure that there’s no corrosion in the battery compartment. Finally, make sure to keep all of your opener remotes out of direct sunlight to prevent damage to the remotes from high temperatures.

Garage Door Opener Safety Considerations

A moving garage door can cause serious injuries if it’s misused. That’s why Garage Door Doctor urges you to put safety first whenever you’re using your garage door opener remote. Before closing your garage door, make sure that the path of the garage door is free from any obstructions. You’ll also need to consistently maintain the electronic eye that will stop the garage door if it senses anything in its path.

When pulling into your garage, make sure to turn off your vehicle before closing your garage door. If you don’t, carbon monoxide contained in the tailpipe emissions of your vehicle could cause serious injury or death after just a few minutes of exposure.

What Happens if Your Garage Door Opener Is Stolen?

One of the few drawbacks of an automatic garage door opener is that the thieves have easy access to your garage if your vehicle is stolen. Therefore, if your remote or vehicle is stolen, it’s important to de-program the receiver as quickly as possible. Most modern receivers have a single button that will cause the system to forget all programmed remotes. For extra protection, you may want to turn off the power to your automatic opener until you can get new remotes.

Common Garage Door Opener Problems and How to Fix Them

For all the convenience that a garage door opener provides, it can be quite frustrating when this staple of modern life quits working. Fortunately, most problems with a garage door opener remote are fairly easy to fix. If your remote won’t work, the first thing to check is the battery. Even a newer battery can become depleted sooner than expected. If a fresh battery doesn’t help, make sure that the receiver isn’t dirty to the extent that it can’t pick up the radio signal. Also, make sure that the opener isn’t in the “locked” position on the indoor keypad. If none of these solutions fix the problem, be sure to call Garage Door Doctor for further assistance.

What Happens If the Power Is Out?

Since automatic openers use electricity, it presents a problem if the electrical supply to your home is interrupted. Fortunately, most openers from Garage Door Doctor have a battery backup that will allow you to open and close your garage door at least once. You can also use the manual lift mechanism that allows you to open and close the door without the need for an electric motor. If you experience frequent power outages in your area, you may want to invest in a backup generator for your home so that you can power your opener for longer periods without interruption.

Taking Care of All of Your Garage Door Needs

At Garage Door Doctor, we’ve been taking care of garage door needs in Indianapolis for over a decade. We can take care of garage door installation, repair, and maintenance. Plus, we can install commercial garage doors, extra control interfaces, and various types of loading dock equipment. We even offer emergency service if you should ever find yourself stuck in your garage with no way to open the door. To learn more about garage door remotes, contact us at Garage Door Doctor today.


7 Benefits of Smart Garage Door Openers

If you’re a smart home enthusiast, smart garage door openers offer even more automation. New features continue to be added, contributing an even greater level of convenience. A Wi-Fi enabled garage door opener has changed the way you open, close, and interact with your garage door. Here are seven benefits you may not have known about.

1. Improved Security

The garage is a common entry point for burglars, who use an ever-evolving array of techniques to open garage doors. Criminals know people store all kinds of valuables in garages. You can lock your door remotely and even receive alerts on your smartphone when it opens and closes. Some systems have built in smart cameras with feeds you can view remotely, including those with streaming night vision video.

2. Never Forget to Close Your Garage Door

Have you ever left your house and had that nagging feeling you left the garage door open? Like most people, you probably have. Now, you can just check your smartphone to verify your suspicion, and just tap the screen to close the door. A smart garage door opener may even automatically close after a certain period of time. You may also get an alert if it senses the door is open, even if you’re just outside doing yard work.

3. Open Your Garage Door from Anywhere

Your garage door opener may sense when your car is pulling into the driveway. A family member may have arrived home and doesn’t have or lost their key. Rather than risk sharing access codes, you can open the door from anywhere in the world.

4. Set a Schedule

If you leave for work and come home the same time every day, or your child departs and returns from school on a regular schedule, you can set your smart garage door opener when to open and close. Is your neighborhood relatively safe? On the weekend, you can program how long to leave the garage door open while the children play outside.

5. Keep Track of Things at Home

The app with your smart garage door opener keeps a log of all activity. You can see every instance in which your garage was opened or closed, and at what time. There are even apps that provide two-way audio so you can communicate directly with visitors. It’s in your power to let someone in or not.

6. Protect Your Deliveries

Far too many delivery packages end up being stolen. Bad weather can ruin a package as well. Amazon offers a service for LiftMaster garage door openers that enables delivery personnel to enter and safely store your package. The garage door will automatically close again afterward.

7. Great Features

Some smart garage door openers now include additional features such as:

  • Pairing with smoke/carbon monoxide detectors: An alert is sent to your phone if smoke, fire, or dangerous fumes are detected.
  • Laser guidance systems: Activate once you pull your car into the garage to help park perfectly instead of risk hitting any objects or storage units.
  • Temperature monitoring: Smart systems often have sensors to track temperature, which can help determine if your garage door is open and/or it’s too hot or cold for equipment, food, or other temperature-sensitive items.

Smart Garage Door Openers from Garage Door Doctor

At Garage Door Doctor, we install, repair, and service all brands of garage door openers, including smart systems in our Elite Series® and Premium Series from LiftMaster. Several models are available to meet the needs of your home. To learn more, feel free to reach out to us online or call (317) 516-0036.

How to Tell If Your Garage Door Sensor Is Out of Alignment

The garage door safety sensor is the reason your heavy garage door reverses if something is in the way. If it is misaligned, your garage door may not work properly. It might reverse for seemingly no reason or not work at all if the sensor fails. Dirt on the lens is a common issue, but it’s also possible for a sensor emitter or receiver, or both, to go out of alignment.

A garage door sensor, or photo-eye, consists of two devices. One sends a signal and the other receives it on the other side of the garage door opening. This creates an invisible beam that, if broken by anything in its path, triggers the garage door opener to reverse and return the door to its original open position.

What to Look For

If you believe a garage door issue is caused by a misaligned sensor, first check whether an object or stored item is obstructing the light beam between the two units. Perhaps you stored a toolbox nearby or a child’s ball rolled in the way. Remove any potential obstructions. If nothing is in the way, and there doesn’t seem to be damage to the sensors or their wires, then:

  • Find your garage door’s photo-eyes. One sensor is installed on the left-hand side and the other on the right. Both are mounted on the inside of the garage door opening, about six inches off the ground. The actual appearance, shape, and design differs depending on the sensor brand and manufacturer.
  • Determine the status of each sensor by looking at the LED light on its side. Each should have a steady green light. A flashing red light or no light on at all means there may be a misalignment. If the sensors are properly lit and the door still doesn’t work, check the lens for dirt, dust, or debris and clean off any you find with a soft cloth.
  • Measure the height of each sensor unit and use a level to determine if they are aligned. It’s important for both sensors to be at equal heights and facing each other. If not, they may have been installed improperly or the mountings may have been damaged. The best step is to call a garage door repair professional to find and fix the problem.

Can I Fix a Misaligned Garage Door Sensor?

You can adjust a misaligned sensor if there is no damage. First, loosen the screws on the pivot bracket. Then you can move the device up or down and direct one sensor to be in line with the other. Once the sensors are aligned, the LED light will come on.

Test the sensors after the adjustment is complete. To do so, place a cardboard box or other relatively soft object under the door and activate the switch to close it. The system should detect the object and stop the door. However, if a sensor problem persists, the door will close on or even crush the box or object. In this case, you should call a repair professional right away to service your garage door.

Contact Garage Door Doctor for Help

Serving Indianapolis and surrounding areas, Garage Door Doctor can help if your garage door sensors are misaligned, damaged, or not working. Our team of experienced service professionals can address your problem 24/7. We can service all types, makes, and brands of garage doors, openers, and parts. Call (317) 516-0036 today to request same-day service or contact us online to set up a free consultation.

Providing Premium Garage Doors in Indianapolis

Garage Doors of Indianapolis: Everything in One Place

It is incredibly easy to take advantage of a functioning, smoothly-operating garage door. It’s supposed to be simple — you push a button, the door opens, you carry on with your plans. It’s when things go awry and a vital component in your garage door fails that your day can derail.

Fortunately for those who live and work in Indianapolis, there is a team that is available to help you 24/7. Garage Door Doctor has been providing the Indianapolis area with friendly, professional, affordable, and fast garage door services for years. If you find yourself in a situation where you need immediate garage door repairs or maintenance, or if it is time to replace your garage door altogether, Garage Door Doctor can be your one-stop-shop for all of your solutions. We believe in providing customer support that goes above and beyond expectations, and we offer a wide range of doors for every household, business, and budget.

The Benefits of Trusting Garage Door Doctor

As soon as you contact Garage Door Doctor, you’ll see that we’re not your ordinary garage door company. Here are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy from our services:

24-hour emergency garage door service
Same day service
Absolutely free garage door consultations
A team with over a decade of experience in Indianapolis
Wide range of residential garage doors
Commercial garage doors that serve the needs of any business
Residential and commercial garage door opener service and repair
Let these perks of our business give you the peace of mind that knowing you’ve trusted the best garage door team in Indianapolis. The safety and security of our customers’ homes and businesses are our number one priority, and we stand behind the quality of all of our garage doors.

Residential Garage Doors

The typical residential garage door has a life expectancy of less than 15 years, and that’s if it has been well maintained. You may have purchased a home with a garage door that has seen better days, or the garage door you have may have been exceptionally stylish 20 years ago. Whatever your reason, when you find the need for a new garage door for your home, our friendly contractors can install a new premium garage door that exceeds the durability, security, and reliability that you expect.

For your convenience, we’re happy to provide absolutely free residential garage door consultations! We want to make every effort to ensure that you have the garage door that is right for your home and family’s needs. Our years of experience makes us qualified to offer recommendations based on our assessment of your property.

With our services, you will have attractive, quality garage doors from trusted brands, such as C.H.I. and Haas. These brands are well known for their ability to reduce noise, protect your garage from the effects of severe weather, provide superior insulation, and keep your home secure. If it’s time for a new garage door, or you believe that it’s time for an upgrade, contact us today to get started!

Commercial Garage Doors
If you’re a business owner in Indianapolis, you already have enough on your plate, and you shouldn’t have to worry about the functionality of your garage doors. When you do find yourself in a bind, we offer the same 24-hour emergency services and free consultations to businesses that we offer to residents. Our inventory includes only the absolute best, high quality, commercial-grade garage doors that improve productivity in your operations.

Not every business is the same, and one business will have a different need for their garage door than the next. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a garage door for storage, a stylish storefront, or for a loading area, we have the commercial garage door solution you need! We have access to insulated sandwich doors, ribbed steel pan and pan insulated doors, aluminum commercial garage doors, and more! In most cases, we’re able to provide same-day service on garage doors, so contact us when your business needs garage door services or an upgrade!

Garage Door Openers

In some cases, you may find that your garage door itself is still in the prime of its life, but the opener is beginning to leave something to be desired. Your garage door opener is likely to wear out long before the physical door, and when that time comes, you can trust the professionals at Garage Door Doctor! It doesn’t matter what size or brand of garage door you own — if it’s a garage door, we can fix it! We have access to an impressive line of garage door openers that fit the needs of all of our customers, both residential and commercial.

Our LiftMaster Elite Series® offers quiet operation, several unique security features, timer-to-close settings, and can even be operated when there is a power outage. Similarly, our LiftMaster Premium Series® provides industrial strength performance and couples that with the most advanced security and connectivity features on the market.

For businesses and industrial facilities, our heavy-duty line of LiftMaster® commercial garage doors can handle the toughest jobs. Models include gearhead, advanced trolley systems, hoist operators, jackshaft operators, and more, ranging from light to heavy-duty strength. Don’t let an unreliable or broken garage door opener stand in the way of you being able to conduct business! Contact us today for a free consultation, or if it is urgent, we’re always available with 24-hour emergency support.

Contact Garage Door Doctor Today!

Hopefully, now that you know a little bit more about Garage Door Doctor and the services and products that we offer, you’ll know who you can trust with your doors! We’re confident that our commitment to customer service and satisfaction will make the difference between us and the competition. We’d like to invite you to contact us with any other questions you may have regarding our products and services, and to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly technicians! We look forward to serving the residents and business owners of Indianapolis with garage door service unlike any other.

Is It Time To Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

Your garage door opener is essential to the function of your entire garage door system. And while garage door openers tend to last a long time, like all machines, there will eventually come a time where they malfunction and require professional garage door opener repair or replacement. As a homeowner, it is important to know some of the warning signs that indicate your garage door is not operating properly so you can request the help of a professional garage door company for a replacement.

Before your garage door opener quits for good and leaves you with a garage door emergency, be on the lookout for the signs below that indicate the need for professional garage door replacement.

Loud or Unusual Noises

One of the tell-tale signs of a damaged garage door opener is when you start to notice loud or strange noises coming from it. The motors in garage door openers tend to get louder and produce a straining sound before they completely give out. Besides weird sounds coming from the motor, people with older systems often hear rattling chains when the garage door opens or closes. This is because older openers use noisy chain-drives. Consider replacing the unit with a newer belt-drive garage door opener.

If you start hearing your garage door opener make unusual noises as it opens or closes the door, it’s likely that it needs to be repaired or replaced. Even if you’ve noticed that it’s been louder than usual, you should have a professional garage door contractor take a look.

Works Intermittently

One common issue with older garage door openers is that they suddenly pause and change direction whether they are opening or closing. This problem might be with the photo eye sensor feature models installed after 1992 were equipped with. But, more often, reversing is due to an electronic malfunctioning within the actual opener. Replacing your garage door opener is almost always better than spending the time and money trying to fix an old, outdated machine. If you are experiencing intermittent operation, contact a garage door company to ensure a replacement is the best option.

Ineffective Security Features

Maintaining a secure garage door is important for all homeowners with garages, but if your garage offers direct access to your home, it is vital. Older garage door openers do not offer the same type of security features that are seen in today’s models. New garage door openers have features that will keep burglars and thieves out of your garage and your home.

An Older or Outdated Model

Even if your older garage door opener is operating properly and you are not worried about the issue of compromised security, it still is worth it to replace openers older than 10 to 15 years. New garage door opener models offer many more convenient features. If your current garage door opener doesn’t have all of the great features offered by modern models, it’s worth considering new garage door opener installation.

Need New Garage Door Opener Installation in Indianapolis?

If your garage door opener is experiencing any of the above signs, contact the professionals at Garage Door Doctor. In addition to offering quick garage door opener repairs, we can provide you with new garage door opener installation when the time comes to replace your existing system. To learn more, contact our garage door company today!

A Guide To Garage Door Openers

You may know that garage doors are one of the largest moving objects within a home. It is no doubt that electric garage door openers have been helpful to homeowners since they were first invented in 1926. However, as you can image, garage doors have come a long way since then. Today, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to garages. Doors come in different styles and colors and there are numerous choices for garage door openers.

Garage door openers, however, can be tricky when trying to decide which one is right for your home When trying to decide which opener is right for you, there are three factors that should be considered: maintenance, price and the level of noise. You can find the best residential garage door opener to suit your needs by finding a compromise between those three factors. To help you find out which is best for you, we are going to highlight some of the most common garage door openers available today.

A Guide To Garage Door Openers

Belt driven garage door opener

Belt driven garage door openers are perhaps the most popular residential garage door opener. Belt driven openers brought in new technology that has been seen in garage door openers, and there is no sign of the technology slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it was the belt driven doors that enabled us to wirelessly control our garage door openers from anywhere just by simply using our smartphones or laptops. They also introduced self-adjusting limits, reliable lifetime warranties on major drive components, automatic closing features, and so much more. Belt driven garage door openers feature a reinforced belt that handles the lifting of the door. These belts can be made from a variety of material, like polyurethane, steel-reinforced rubber, and fiberglass.

A main reason that belt driven garage door openers have become so popular is due to the decreased noise. Garage door openers are notorious for being noisy, but the belts allow for a quieter and smoother close. Plus, the belt driven openers have significantly less vibration than other openers. If a living space is adjacent or above your garage, you will not have to worry about belt driven doors disturbing you. Although they are a bit more expensive than other residential garage door openers, they are a great choice for homeowners.

Garage Door Doctor Tip: A belt driven garage door opener will not magically eliminate noise and vibration if you have an older garage door. If noise is a problem with your garage door, we recommend contacting a professional garage door company to inspect your current setup.

Chain driven garage door opener

Chain driven garage door openers are also a popular opener option due to their cheaper components and simpler construction. Chain openers were the original form of garage door openers, but have come a long way since then. Once the garage door opener became a trend, many homeowners began using their garages as much as — if not more than — their front doors. Although they are a simple design, the chain driven openers reliability has kept it around. Because the system uses a metal chain to lift and lower the door, a chain driven opener is the best way to ensure you have the power to easily open and close your garage door, especially if it is a heavier type. On the downside, since this style relies on a chain to push or pull the door along the tracks it tends to be much noisier than other types of openers. These openers are affordable and reliable, but the level of noise make them a better option for detached garages, where the noise won’t be as disturbing.

Screw driven garage door opener

The once popular screw driven garage door opener has already had its prime years. For about 20 years, these openers were the best available option for garage door openers. These were the systems that made the — then new — features so popular, like battery backup systems, safety sensors, and electronic force and limit settings. Instead of pulling the door up, like the chain and belt models do, these openers lift the garage door by the rotation of a threaded metal rod. Screw driven openers have been known to be offer reliability as they contain far less moving parts, which decreases the chances of breaking down. These openers do require some maintenance and care from time to time, but if you meet the maintenance requirements, screw driven openers will last for years. Plus, screw driven openers can generally lift a door twice the speed of a belt or chain opener. As far as noise, these openers are louder than belt garage door opener but much quieter than chain driven ones.

Jackshaft garage door openers

Jackshift openers have recently gained some popularity and there are plenty of reasons that are making them a more appealing option for residential garage doors. Most garage door openers as we know them are mounted on the garage ceiling. But with jackshaft openers, they are mounted on the call right next to the garage door. Perhaps the biggest advantage of these openers is the increased amount of security. Since the opener is mounted so closely to the door, most models feature a deadbolt that activates automatically when the door is shut. This feature makes it far more difficult for thieves and burglars to enter your home through the garage door. These openers have a motor that drives pulleys and cables to turn the torsion bar and open the garage door. And if you are someone who is tech savvy, these garage doors have some of the most robust on-board computerization. Because jackshaft openers feature some of the latest technology and incorporate a lot of on-board computerization, they tend to be pricier than other styles of residential garage door openers.

Garage Door Doctor Tip: Jackshaft panels are no for single panel doors and can only be used on sectional garage doors. If you are unsure if a jackshaft opener is right for you, contact your local garage door service.

Direct drive garage door openers

Don’t get confused when it comes to direct drive garage openers. Originally, garage door openers that did not feature a chain or belt were separated into the direct drive category. However, in the recent years, a new style of residential garage door openers have launched and claimed the name ‘direct drive’ and is far different than most garage door openers that are available in today’s market. These openers can either feature a chain or a belt, but when compared to a chain driven garage door opener, the direct-drive uses a stationary chain that the motor moves along as opposed to a stationary motor that moves the chain. This unique change makes direct-drive openers extremely quiet during operation. Some customers have even stated that they are quieter than belt driven garage door openers. Plus, these models are very reliable and durable as the only moving part is the motor. Although these openers are more popular overseas, it will not be before long that they fill the shelves at hardware and home improvement stores.

Find Garage Door Opener Installation Service

Now that you know the different types of openers, you’re ready to pick which one is best for your home. One of the most important things when choosing a garageA Guide To Garage Door Openers door opener is choosing a professional and reliable garage door opener installation company. Your garage door opener will perform correctly as long as it is installed correctly. Because of this, it important to find a leading garage door company to install your new opener. If you live in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas, there is no better choice for garage door opener installation than Garage Door Doctor! Contact the Indianapolis garage door installation professionals today and set up a free consultation! You can count on us for all of your garage door repair and installation needs.