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Is It Time To Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

by | Jun 18, 2019

Your garage door opener is essential to the function of your entire garage door system. And while garage door openers tend to last a long time, like all machines, there will eventually come a time where they malfunction and require professional garage door opener repair or replacement. As a homeowner, it is important to know some of the warning signs that indicate your garage door is not operating properly so you can request the help of a professional garage door company for a replacement.

Before your garage door opener quits for good and leaves you with a garage door emergency, be on the lookout for the signs below that indicate the need for professional garage door replacement.

Loud or Unusual Noises

One of the tell-tale signs of a damaged garage door opener is when you start to notice loud or strange noises coming from it. The motors in garage door openers tend to get louder and produce a straining sound before they completely give out. Besides weird sounds coming from the motor, people with older systems often hear rattling chains when the garage door opens or closes. This is because older openers use noisy chain-drives. Consider replacing the unit with a newer belt-drive garage door opener.

If you start hearing your garage door opener make unusual noises as it opens or closes the door, it’s likely that it needs to be repaired or replaced. Even if you’ve noticed that it’s been louder than usual, you should have a professional garage door contractor take a look.

Works Intermittently

One common issue with older garage door openers is that they suddenly pause and change direction whether they are opening or closing. This problem might be with the photo eye sensor feature models installed after 1992 were equipped with. But, more often, reversing is due to an electronic malfunctioning within the actual opener. Replacing your garage door opener is almost always better than spending the time and money trying to fix an old, outdated machine. If you are experiencing intermittent operation, contact a garage door company to ensure a replacement is the best option.

Ineffective Security Features

Maintaining a secure garage door is important for all homeowners with garages, but if your garage offers direct access to your home, it is vital. Older garage door openers do not offer the same type of security features that are seen in today’s models. New garage door openers have features that will keep burglars and thieves out of your garage and your home.

An Older or Outdated Model

Even if your older garage door opener is operating properly and you are not worried about the issue of compromised security, it still is worth it to replace openers older than 10 to 15 years. New garage door opener models offer many more convenient features. If your current garage door opener doesn’t have all of the great features offered by modern models, it’s worth considering new garage door opener installation.

Need New Garage Door Opener Installation in Indianapolis?

If your garage door opener is experiencing any of the above signs, contact the professionals at Garage Door Doctor. In addition to offering quick garage door opener repairs, we can provide you with new garage door opener installation when the time comes to replace your existing system. To learn more, contact our garage door company today!