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Frequently Asked Questions

Garage Door FAQs

How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last

Your garage door should last around 7 years if you go in and out twice a day, and 14 years if you only do it once a day. The number will be much lower if you use it more than that, so it’s important to use a side door instead if you are only just going into the garage rather than coming and going. Another important tip is to buy lifespan torsion springs for your garage door spring from breaking earlier than expected. They last much longer than regular springs if you are worried about your garage door springs breaking too soon.

How Should I Maintain My Garage Door

There are multiple things you can do like listening to the operation of the door for signs of problems and clearing the tracks to prevent them from getting stuck. You should also inspect and replace the rollers if they show signs of wear and tear. You can also examine the cables and pulley and lubricate them. Lastly, you should check if the doors are balanced by manually lifting them halfway, checking if they stay in place on their own.

How Do I Get My Garage Door Repaired

You should contact a trusted and reliable garage door repair team to handle whatever issues you have. The price of getting your door repaired will depend on various factors like the garage door springs, the door opener, wheel tracks, and more. Your price will be cheaper if the issue is only one issue, or more if it’s a combination of factors. If it’s severe enough that your door cannot be repaired, then you will have to get a garage door replacement, instead.

How Important is it to have your garage door insulated

Having your garage doors insulated can make them more durable and save you money in the long run. They are much more resistant to damage and will reduce heat flow. The insulation for garage doors will depend on the R-value, which goes from R-8 all the way to R-32, meaning the higher it is, the more heat flow is reduced. It’s important to go over this with the experts so you know what you are getting for your home.

What is the best way to clean my garage door

You should use mild liquid soap used for car or dishwashing along with water. Make sure you don’t use anything too harsh or strong as you can damage the door and paint. Lastly, be sure you use a sponge or something else soft to clean both sides of the door.

How do I choose the best garage door company

Before deciding on a garage door company, you’ll want to research how many years of experience they have, along with awards or accreditations and if they offer emergency assistance. It’s important that you research their location and reviews, as well as ask friends and family in the nearby area for recommendations. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a trustworthy repair team that will be eager to help you out.

How do I open my garage door when there is a power outage

First, be sure that your garage door is in the down position. If it’s in the open position, trying to move it could result in damage and possible injury. After you’ve made sure it’s safe, you can pull the emergency release cord, which separates the garage door trolley from the carriage. You should be able to manually open and close the door now, but if the weight is too much, this can mean a broken spring. You can also pull the release cord toward the door, which compresses the lever and allows the parts to re-connect.

Why won’t my garage door open when I press the button

If you press the button and your garage door doesn’t open, then something could be blocking the signal or the batteries are dead in your transmitter. It’s also possible you might be out of range to open it or the antenna on your device is damaged. It could also be door track is out of alignment or something is obstructing it, as well.

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