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Tips for Choosing the Right Garage Door Style

In Indianapolis, your garage door does so much more than protect your garage from the elements. It also helps to protect your home against burglars and offers an additional level of security. Choosing the right style is important because it helps to add curb appeal and the overall appearance of your home. When you are in the market for a new garage door, there are several decisions to make to ensure that you make the best choice. Learning about your options and how to best coordinate them with your home makes this choice a lot easier.

Overhead Garage Doors

This is the most common style for garage doors and there are different types available. These are the type that either lift or roll up when you open them.

The swing type looks like it has two panels. When you open the door, they separate and swing open. They can have decorative hardware and windows to add some more personality. You can also have them look similar to a barn door.

The bifold type has at least four panels. Each of the panels hinge together so that they function similar to a bifold closet door. There are numerous panel options so that you can best match the door to the rest of your home’s exterior.

The trifold type has at least three sections. Each of the sections hinge together. You can opt to have more than three panels to customize the look, but each of these has to be in multiples of three.

The first type of overhead garage door that hit the market was the traditional stile and rail type. There are panel inserts and mortise and tenon joinery to create this type of garage door. You will notice different horizontal rails and vertical stiles to create the overall design of this option.

Non-Overhead Garage Doors

If you prefer a door that opens out or sideways, these types of garage doors are an option. They do not go overhead, so there can be some additional flexibility in the overall style.

The side rolling type opens to one side. This leaves most of the opening free from obstructions, but it takes up a bit more wall space compared to other styles. While they share a lot of similarities with bifold styles, you can automate them more easily.

Barn-style doors either use a slider style or a swing style. There are usually few to no windows and no horizontal rail, and the top section is solid. You can have some windows in this style if you want, but they have to be at the top section and usually have to be rather small.

The true bifold style folds off to either side of the opening after parting in the center. This type is a good choice if you are replacing a wall with a garage door or your existing door is particularly large. You can also customize this door type with decorative hardware and windows.

The gliding and sliding type of garage door works like a traditional barn door. The doors slide to the side on a track. Compared to the opening, the doors will be larger to ensure complete coverage of the opening. The track is twice the door width to ensure they can open fully.

The true swing type use heavy-duty hinges to swing open and then close. There will be one door on either side of the garage opening. You open them outward, so you have to ensure adequate space in the driveway to do this.

Consider the Style of Your Home

The style of your home plays a major role in the garage door style that will look and function the best. Learning more about the most common home styles and which garage doors are the best fit help to narrow down your options.

If you have a colonial home, you might consider wooden garage doors since they fit the classic style. Look at the doors that swing and have two tones for a sophisticated look.

Cape Cod homes tend to work best with composite or wood carriage-style options. Look at garage doors with raised rectangular panels that are symmetrical.

Barn-style doors can work well with a craftsman-style home. You should look for styles that can accommodate windows and recessed panels. You can also get away with garage doors made from glass if your home’s style is modern.

A contemporary home combines well with more minimalist garage door styles. Consider designs that have neutral colors, sleek lines and windows that are a bit off center and vertical. You might also think about glass doors or wooden doors that do not have trim boards.

The mid-century modern home looks good with a garage door that has sleek lines utilizing negative and positive space. Use only a few decorative elements and consider prairie-style windows with no trim on the door panels.

A farmhouse home can benefit from the rustic appearance of barn-style doors. Divided window grilles and buck overlays are also good style elements for this type of home.

A ranch home benefits from a garage door that is elegant and classic. Consider dark finishes and a door with a streamlined design to complement the home.

No trim and vertical panels work well with a Tudor-style home. You can also take advantage of composite and real wood with decorative hardware and small windows.

If your home has a Spanish style, you should look at recessed panels and dark woods. Consider designs that have clean lines and decorative iron elements.

A Victorian home looks good with a real wood door to play to the historical accuracy. You can also get creative with decorative hardware and windows.

Maintaining Your Garage Door

The general recommendation is to have a professional come and perform an inspection on your garage door about once a year. They will examine the door itself and any related components, such as a motor for a power door. If they notice a problem, they can make any repair or replacement recommendations so that you can keep your door operating smoothly.

Whether your garage door is brand new or not, you want to ensure regular maintenance to keep it looking great and working right. There are several tasks that a professional can tackle during a maintenance session. It is important to have a professional do this to ensure proper completion of the maintenance.

There are multiple things they will do to keep your garage door in good condition:

  • Tighten the hardware
  • Test the door balance
  • Clear the tracks
  • Replace the weatherstripping
  • Lubricate the moving components
  • Test the auto reverse
  • Clean around the door

Professionals usually suggest that you should only use your garage door when necessary. The more you open and close it, the more wear and tear you are putting on the different components.

In Indianapolis, it is important to keep your garage door in good working order. We can help you keep it looking good, as well as functioning properly. Our company focuses on garage doors, so you can rest assured that we keep our focus on this industry. We are family-owned, so we offer the family experience to all of our customers. Whether you need a quick repair or you are ready for a completely new design, we can help.

Contact Garage Door Doctor today to schedule your next inspection and maintenance service.

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