Garage Door Doctor Maintenance Solutions

Your garage door keeps your valuables and belongings safe while also protecting your home. However, when your garage door doesn’t work properly — whether the door doesn’t go up, doesn’t go down, or suddenly gets stuck in the middle of opening or closing — it’s more than just an inconvenience; it’s also an issue when it comes to the safety and security of your home. 

In many cases, garage door repairs can cost a lot of money, especially with more severe problems like a garage door that’s gone off track. However, repairs don’t need to be expensive! While accidents do happen from time to time, the need for most garage door repairs can be avoided with regular garage door maintenance. At Garage Door Doctor here in Indianapolis, our team of experts offers comprehensive garage door maintenance services to ensure that your overhead door and garage door opener are operating smoothly and that frustrating repairs are prevented down the road.

What Regular Garage Door Maintenance Includes

At Garage Door Doctor, we recommend getting a garage door tune-up every once in a while, usually annually, to help alleviate some of the repairs that your garage door may need over time. Because we use our garage doors just about every day — if not multiple times a day — it’s parts and components will wear out over time, potentially breaking. Regular garage door maintenance includes the inspection of these components to ensure everything is in good working order. Additionally, having a professional look at your garage door system helps identify smaller problems you have but may not know about before they get bigger and unmanageable. 

If you’re wondering what garage door maintenance includes, our experienced technicians check over your entire garage door system to make sure everything is running correctly. Here are some things to expect:

Multi-Point Garage Door Inspection

At Garage Door Doctor, we know just how beneficial garage door maintenance can be when it comes to avoiding repairs and saving money. That’s why we offer a multi-point inspection of your garage door system during our maintenance services. Our team will check all the essentials during our inspection, including cable and belt condition, spring tension, photo-eye alignment, and more!

Lubrication of Moving Parts

As mentioned, your garage door system has many different moving parts and components. Keeping these moving parts lubricated not only helps them last longer, but they also can help reduce the chances of creaking, squeaking, squealing, and other unpleasant noises coming from your garage door system. When not properly lubricated, these parts can begin grinding together, thus creating ruckus that is loud enough to wake the neighbors. Our professionals will properly lubricate rollers, hinges, chain hoists, release mechanisms, and more.

Tightening of All Fasteners & Hardware

When you constantly use your garage door, it is common for some of the fasteners and hardware to become loose over time. While these issues are minor, letting them go unnoticed will only lead to larger, more inconvenient problems. During routine maintenance, our technicians will inspect and tighten all hardware, including hinges, couplings, back hangs, track brackets, and drums.

Schedule Garage Door Maintenance In Indianapolis Today 

Nobody wants to be faced with an inconvenient garage door issue. To increase the lifespan of your garage door system and ensure it operates smoothly, schedule preventative garage door maintenance with Garage Door Doctor! We’ll perform a detailed inspection of your door panel and garage door opener to ensure everything is working properly.