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How Long Does Garage Door Installation Take? | Garage Door Doctor
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How Long Does Garage Door Installation Take?

by | Aug 10, 2023

Scheduling garage door installation in Indianapolis, IN takes just minutes, but you may be wondering how long these projects take to complete. After all, for many homeowners, the garage serves as the preferred home entrance. If you park indoors and drive to the majority of your destinations, you might rarely use the building’s front door at all. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait days to see the results you want. Read on to learn which factors will determine the length of this project from start to finish.

Garage Door Installations in Brand-New Construction

If you’re having your home custom built and are eager to have your new garage door put in, you can look forward to a project that takes just two to three hours. In most instances, these jobs are straightforward and easy. There’s no old door to remove, no signs of stress-related wear on the surrounding building materials, and few items in the garage to work around, if any at all.

Unfortunately, most garage door installations aren’t this simple. When there are existing doors to remove, stored items in the space, and framing problems, installers usually need several more hours to get everything done.

Replacing a Simple Garage Door With the Exact Same Model

You might have a garage door that you really like, but it’s nearing or at the end of its expected lifespan. Replacing this unit with an identical model could shorten the duration of your project by eliminating the need to make refinements to the tracks or surrounding materials. This might be the best choice for your home if you want a basic and economical door design or if the door that you already have has all of the features you want. Identical door installations can take between two and four hours. However, it’s important to note that it might be better to explore your options in doors at the same price point or a similar price point before committing to the exact same door design.

Most garage doors last between 15 and 30 years. If it’s been nearly three decades since your current garage door was installed, you might be surprised by the wealth of innovations that have been made in these products. There are garage doors with side-mount systems, significantly higher levels of insulation, higher-than-average fire ratings, and more. Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint by tightening your home’s envelope, increase the curbside and overall aesthetic appeal of your property, or limit your risk of indoor fire damage, there are a lot of worthwhile options to consider.

Upgrading to a More Modern and Feature-Rich Door Design

Upgrading to a more modern and feature-rich door design will likely increase your installation time by about two to three hours. In general, more complex installation projects take about six hours to complete. The mounting pads, surrounding wood, and back jambs will probably need to be modified or replaced in this case. If your old door has caused any structural damage or noticeable wear to these features, replacement is the most likely choice.

When garage doors and their openers come with advanced features, homeowners should be on hand to learn how to use them after they’ve been put in. When we complete these installations, we take the time to give our clients in-depth tutorials of their new equipment. Our technicians don’t leave until homeowners understand how to use their new doors and openers, how to maintain them, and how to identify small or developing issues.

Choosing and Sourcing Your Garage Door

Although even fairly complex installations rarely take more than six hours to complete, you could find yourself waiting weeks for the garage door that you really want. This is especially true if you choose the wrong company to handle your project. At Garage Door Doctor we’ve been installing garage doors for residents of Indianapolis for quite some time. This has allowed us to establish a solid network of reputable door suppliers. As a result, we can source a wide variety of in-demand door designs in a timely fashion and at reasonable prices. Our industry experience and our long-standing supplier relationships additionally allow us to source materials at impressive discounts and then pass the savings on to our clients.

If you want a unique door design or have very specific ideas about the door features you want, you’ll get the best results by working with a licensed garage door company like ours. Hiring a general handyman or attempting to tackle this project on your own can result in extended delays, functional problems just after installation, and the loss of your door manufacturer’s warranty.

What to Expect During the Garage Door Installation Process

For all garage door replacement projects, we start by assessing the condition of the existing door and the surrounding materials. These assessments allow us to determine which options in replacement doors will work best and which structural repairs must be made before any new door is put in. After this inspection is done, you can work with our in-house design consultants to choose an option that offers the level of insulation, fire protection, and convenience you want and need. We’ll explain your choices in door openers, and we’ll help you find one that optimally suits your schedule, budget, and lifestyle.

On the day of installation, we’ll take your current door down and disassemble it. If you’ll be replacing your opener as well, we’ll take this out too. Next, we’ll take out all wood sections that have been improperly installed or that are rotted or damaged in any other way. After all, even a well-made door won’t fit or function as it should if it’s attached to warped, soft, or bowed boards. All back jambs and mounting pads will also be replaced as needed.

To suit the dimensions and design of your new door, we’ll install new tracks on each side of the door frame. These will guide your door into and back out of the open position. Once these tracks are securely in place, we’ll install the actual garage door and opener. To optimize the connection between your garage door opener and your garage door, we can additionally install an operator reinforcement bracket (ORB).

Your new garage door will be wired into your home’s electrical system. This is done by running a wire from the ceiling to a nearby sensor and wall switch. Without this connection, an automate garage door won’t work. Finally, we’ll finish your project by testing your garage door and showing you how to use it.

When you hire us to install your garage door, you can look forward to the timely completion of your project. We’re staffed by a talented team of highly trained professionals who understand the complexities of this work and the nuances of individual garage door models. We use diligent dust control and noise control measures to minimize disruption during the installation process. We also remove all project waste materials when leaving.

We know just how important it is to have a secure and high-performing garage door for your home. Proudly serving residents of Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding areas, we offer an impressive selection of garage door openers and innovative garage door designs. We also provide spring repair services and general garage door repair services. To schedule an appointment, contact us at Garage Door Doctor today.