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Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Garage Door Style | Garage Door Doctor
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Considering a Traditional or Non-Traditional Garage Door Style

by | May 4, 2023

A garage door not only adds to the overall curb appeal of your home, but it also provides you with a method of securing it. Your garage door must be attractive and match the exterior style of your home to protect the integrity and value of your property. There are unique styles of garage doors available if you need a replacement. The style you choose will depend on what the exterior of your home looks like, in addition to the specific features you are interested in (windows, handles, or a particular color). Let’s look at some traditional garage door styles and non-traditional options.

Traditional Style Garage Door Style

A more traditional garage door style will usually be made from a material such as wood or steel. Raised panels are commonly used, adding a bit of tone and definition. They are often square or rectangular, positioned specifically to create an even pattern across the door. A traditional door is ideal if you want a clean and simple look. You can also choose different details to add customization, such as color, material type, panel design, and hardware.

Modern Garage Doors

A modern garage door style is often used in a home with a very sophisticated and contemporary look. There is a large emphasis on details like clean lines, and the color may be dark or metallic. The material of a modern garage door may be wood, glass, aluminum, or steel. A modern garage door is easy to spot, as it looks very artistic.

Traditional: Carriage House Garage Door

A carriage house garage door looks like it can open and close by swinging in and out of its garage door opening. It opens up and closes down like other garage doors though. You get the traditional look of this style while having a more modern function. Its design is from a conventional carriage-style home, created with a large garage that would open and close widely enough to allow a horse-drawn carriage to emerge.

Many carriage house garage doors allow you to customize the look with things like windows and hardware. However, you can also choose an amazingly simple garage door that is void of anything but some simple beadboard panels.

Modern: Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are common in more modern home designs. They have clean lines and are usually free of additional details or features. Made from aluminum, steel, or wood, sectional garage doors are typically made from four or five horizontal panels that have been joined together with hinges. As the garage door opens and closes, those panels will bend. The benefit of this garage door style is that you don’t need much space in front of the garage door. The folding action keeps everything very compact and close to home. If you’re prone to parking your vehicles in the driveway right up against the garage door’s exterior, this is a style you want to consider using.

Modern: Slide-to-Side Garage Door

The slide-to-side garage door isn’t something you see often, and it’s a more modern concept. It works similarly to how a sectional garage door functions, but it rolls to the side instead of up and down. A lot of people like this option because it’s safe. You don’t have to worry about the garage door coming off the tracks or hitting anything on its way down. In addition, new slide-to-side garage doors have an app that allows you to control them using your smart device.

The only downfall of this garage door style is that you’ll need to keep one side of your garage clear so that the door can move freely in open and closed positions. Also, if you use your garage for storage or don’t have a lot of square footage to work with, you might not like this concept.

Traditional: Side-Hinged Garage Door

This is a very commonly used garage door that has traditionally been used for single-car garages. Split in the middle, the door will open and close by way of hinges attached to the sides of your garage door opening. If your traditional side-hinged garage door were installed many years ago, you would have to open the door manually. Newer models can be equipped with an opener and remote.

Popular in mid-century homes, there are different details that you’ll find on a side-hinged door. For example, some doors have a simple lever handle that looks like something you would find on a regular commercial door. A lock is also a common feature. The building material for these doors is usually metal, and the construction is sturdy overall.

Traditional: Tilting Garage Doors

A tilt-up garage door is a one-piece door that opens and closes by way of pivoting arms at each side of the door. It’s a more traditional door style but can look more modern using various materials, colors, and types. Unfortunately, for several reasons, a tilting garage door isn’t a preferred option anymore. First, when you open and close it, it takes up a lot of space in front of your garage. Part of the door will hide away in the ceiling of your garage, but a substantial portion sticks out of the garage. You will have to leave quite a bit of space in your driveway in front of your vehicles, which might not be possible if you have a short driveway.

Tilting garage doors can be unsafe if they’re not installed properly or are getting older. Because it’s a one-piece design, it’s very heavy. If any of the hardware comes loose or breaks, opening or closing the door could cause the whole door to come down.

Traditional and Commercial: Roll-Up Garage Doors

You won’t typically see a roll-up garage door in a home, but it’s a common fixture in a commercial building. It’s a simple concept: rolling upwards into a large coil at the top and interior sides of the garage. These doors are made of metal and usually don’t have a lot of frills. However, they’re affordable and lightweight, making them ideal for businesses of all types. The only downside is that roll-up garage doors usually make quite a bit of noise when in motion.

Customizing a Garage Door

If you have a uniquely sized garage or a specific style of home that you want to match with your new door, you can work with a garage door company to create a customized garage door. In addition to achieving a specific look, you can have your customized door open and close however you would like, with various features and hardware included.

If you want to learn more about the different modern and traditional garage door styles available, contact Garage Door Doctor. In addition to new garage door installations, we offer emergency repair services, routine maintenance, spring repair, and garage door opener installation. If you live in Bloomington or the surrounding areas, contact us today to schedule an appointment.