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Tips For Hiring The Best Garage Door Service Company

by | Apr 5, 2019

When it comes to your home, you likely already understand the importance of maintenance. However, if you are like many homeowners, one area of your home that you may overlook when it comes to maintenance is your garage door. Until something goes wrong with it, that is. A garage door that isn’t operating properly is not only a major inconvenience, it is also a safety concern.

Garages house one of your most costly and reliant possessions — your vehicle. Throughout the day, your garage door opens and closes numerous times as you travel back and forth to work and run errands. If something goes wrong with its operation, it is important to have a reliable garage door company that will be able to repair the issue in a timely manner.

Tips For Hiring The Best Garage Door Service Company

Whether you are dealing with a broken garage door or are thinking about purchasing a new garage door, one of the most important parts of the process is finding a garage door company you can trust. Here are five tips that can be used to choose a garage door company and ensure quality, dependable service.

Understand Your Needs

First things first; before you begin searching for nearby garage door companies, first determine what exactly your needs are. Are you looking to replace your old garage door with a new one? Is your garage door broken or not operating properly? Or are you just looking to have your garage door system professionally inspected?

Whatever the reasoning behind your search for professional garage door services, it will help determine how the rest of your search goes. While most garage door companies will offer complete services, some contractors choose to only focus on specific services, such as repairs.

Ask Friends and Family For Recommendations

No matter what your garage door service needs are, a great way to find a trustworthy garage door repair company is by asking friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors for their recommendations. Chances are fairly high that there is someone you know who has had work done in the past. A positive referral or warning can help you in your search for a reputable company. You may hear the same garage door company’s name come up when asking for recommendations, a sign that the said company is worth checking out.

Search For The Best Garage Door Contractors Online

A simple online search will make it easier to find nearby garage door companies. The best way to find local garage door contractors is to make your online search as specific as possible. Using your preferred search engine, search for terms like, ‘garage door companies near me’ or ‘nearby garage door repair’. Or, be specific to the area in which you live by naming the county, city, or borough. For example, homeowners in Fishers, Indiana may search, “Fishers garage door company,” to find the best contractors in their area. Searching for companies this way doesn’t just enable you to find the best garage companies, but also the companies that are within your community. This can be extremely beneficial for time-sensitive repairs or replacements.

Check The Critical Information

Once you have a few garage door companies in mind, always do your due diligence to ensure they are the best choice. This means seeking out and verifying critical information. At the very least, check the following with each company.

  • Experience. Experience is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a garage door contractor. Look for companies that have been in business for a while and have years of experience servicing garage doors.
  • Licensed and Insured. To avoid fly-by-night companies, seek out a garage door company that is licensed to practice in the area. You’ll also want to verify that they have a certificate of insurance, which covers any damages incurred during installation or repair work.
  • BBB Rating. There are many different ratings and certifications a company can receive, but the gold standard in the industry is a rating from the Better Business Bureau. Before considering a company, go to each company’s BBB page to review their ratings. Ratings scale from F to A+ and you can sift through reviews and complaints. You’ll want to think twice about working with companies that aren’t accredited or have poor ratings.
  • Website. In today’s technology-driven world, almost every reliable company will have a website. While you shouldn’t fault a company for having a poor website, you should definitely be skeptical if you are unable to find a site at all.

All of this information combined should give you a better idea of whether the company is genuine and how they’re viewed in the industry.

Ask For Estimates

Once you have a couple of companies in mind, reach out to them and ask for an estimate. Receiving estimates is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Not only will you get a first impression of the garage door company, but you will get to receive and compare quotes from each contractor. Although companies may have similar prices displayed on their websites, at the end of the day, every garage door repair or installation project is different. Take some time to review the estimates and consider your project budget.

Make Your Decision

After you have done your due diligence and requested estimates from a few contractors, you now can choose the company that you find best for the job. Remember, your decision shouldn’t revolve on cost or time alone. While these are critical factors, the value of the work holds the most importance. It may be worth paying a little extra or waiting a bit longer for a project to begin if you can trust that it’s going to be worth the quality workmanship.

Once you decide on a garage door company, give them a call and schedule a date for the work to begin!

Looking For The Best Garage Door Company Near Indianapolis?

If you are searching for a garage door company in Indianapolis, Franklin, or the surrounding areas, make sure to follow the tips above. Chances are you will likely come across Garage Door Doctor in your searches, and for good reason. Garage Door Doctor has been servicing homeowners with quality, reliable, and affordable garage door services. Whatever your needs are, trust that our team of experienced garage door contractors will be able to help! To receive a free estimate, click here.