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How to Prepare Your Garage Doors for Indiana Weather | Garage Door
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How to Prepare Your Garage Doors for Indiana Weather

by | Feb 17, 2022

ndiana is fortunate to enjoy a mild and temperate climate and pleasant weather for most of the year. But the Hoosier State is certainly no stranger to seasonal weather extremes, and those are the times when it’s really nice to have a garage in your home. You’re on your own when you get out on the roads, but you’ll never have to worry about bringing in groceries in the rain or spending all morning chiseling ice off your windshield! Here’s a look at how you can ensure that your garage doors remain fully functional all year long, no matter what Mother Nature might have in store for you.

Indiana Weather Conditions at a Glance

Indiana is located between USDA hardiness zones 5b and 6a, with the northern part of the state located in zone 5b and the southern part of the state located in 6a. Indiana’s temperate climate means that we get hot and muggy summers and cold winters with frequent snowfall. We do get more seasonal average rainfall than the rest of the United States, but our winter storms are comparatively milder than they are a little further north.

You won’t normally have to make any extraordinary preparations to deal with Indiana’s weather extremes, aside from running your heating and air conditioning as needed and dressing appropriately. You might need to make additional home preparations for cold conditions in certain areas of the state and will need to take certain precautions if you live near a body of water or in a floodplain area.

Preparations for the Fall and Winter

Before the cold season hits, the first thing that you want to do is to check the batteries on your garage door opener remote. It’s a pretty simple (and often overlooked) way to ensure your garage door will open each and every time that you need it. Be sure to also check the integrity of your weather stripping. Your garage door is your first line of defense against the elements, and it can help you lower your home energy costs. Even if your garage isn’t fully finished out and insulated, keeping your garage door closed can make a big impact. If you still have older garage doors without built-in insulation, you can insert foam panels for additional weatherproofing to tide you over until you’re ready to make an upgrade.

Your garage door also prevents excess humidity from entering your garage and hastening the growth of rust and oxidation. The other part of keeping rust away is properly lubricating metal parts. Garage door opener maintenance isn’t a DIY project, and you can void your manufacturer’s warranty if you attempt to perform any unauthorized repairs on your own. Fortunately, you don’t need any special training or technical skills to use a can of WD-40!

You’ll want to be sure to lubricate the track and all of your metal components such as the rollers, springs, hinges at least a couple of times a year. Lubricate these parts more frequently if you hear squeaking sounds. If you hear grinding sounds, that often means that you have a bigger problem. Your springs and your track can be particularly vulnerable to cracking and damage during the winter months, and you might need to have a part replaced or have some other professional service performed. Garage door springs are an inexpensive part to replace, but if you wait too long to get them repaired then minor issues can quickly develop into major issues.

Be sure to know where all of your snow and ice removal equipment and supplies are located and keep them convenient. If you have a snowblower, this is a great time to start it up and make sure that it will be ready when you need it. Be sure to keep your eye on the weather conditions at all times and be ready to spring into action at any time!

Preparations for the Spring and Summer

After you’ve made it through the winter months, it’s time to assess the damage. The first thing you’ll need to do is clean up all the accumulated debris from the garage door and floor. A dirty garage door will usually work just as effectively as a clean one, but you’ll want to keep the track and sensors clear at all times. You also need to be on the lookout for rust and water damage. Be sure to visually inspect the garage doors for damage.

Cleaning your track doesn’t require any special tools or equipment, but even small debris can affect its operation. Lubricating the metal parts of your garage door opener reduces routine wear and tear and delays the spread of rust.

Annual Maintenance

If you’ve ever had a car stuck in a garage before, you were probably prepared to pay almost anything to get the garage door open. You definitely need to make a call when your garage door gets stuck or when your garage door opener is completely inoperable. However, an annual maintenance call is often the “stitch in time” that you need to prevent a crisis situation in the future. Your garage doors and your garage door openers function best when you do your part, but they’re not a DIY project. Even if you’re a skilled home handyman, you owe it to yourself to schedule annual professional maintenance.

During your annual garage door maintenance visit, we’ll begin by assessing the integrity of your garage door seals and we’ll inspect your garage door opener and track. The most common problems that we encounter are damaged springs and routine wear and tear. Bolts can get loose and your track can get out of alignment when metal parts expand and contract in response to hot and cold conditions. We’ll make sure that the track and sensors are all properly aligned, and we’ll tighten everything up and lubricate all of the components.

Should I Replace My Garage Door?

It might seem a little difficult to justify the cost of a new garage door if your garage door isn’t damaged, but you’d be surprised to learn how affordable it can be to make an upgrade! A newer and more modern garage door is a great way to improve your curb appeal and lower your energy costs! If your existing garage door is malfunctioning or if you’re just interested in a new look for your home, we’re a phone call away!

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