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Garage Renovation in Indianapolis, IN

7 Garage Door Makeovers to Inspire a Remodel

Garage doors are usually left alone until they need a fix, but what about giving yours a makeover before that happens? It might be time to enhance your garage door with new aesthetics that will improve your home’s value. A garage door makeover is a big project that requires a lot of work, but the results will be worth the effort. Here are seven garage door remodeling ideas that may make you want to redo your garage.

1. Paint the Exterior of Your Door

Aside from all the components of your garage door, there are surrounding parts that may need attention. The most notable of these is the doorframe. If the frame is a lighter color than the garage, you might want to paint it. Another part of your garage door that may be overlooked is the header. It’s the part that sits on top of the frame. It’s usually made of wood, so it’s not hard to paint. You can paint it in the same color as the door for a seamless look or choose different colors for more variety. Painting these areas first will give you an instant makeover.

The bolder the color, the more you can expect it to get noticed and make an impact. There are many vibrant hues to choose from when painting your garage door. You can use a dark red and add black accents. Or you might prefer a dark blue with white accents. These are just two examples of bold garage doors that make a statement. You can also decide to paint your door a solid color like black, white, red, green, or blue.

2. Update Your Hardware

The hardware on your garage door is what operates the entire thing, so it’s essential to keep it in good condition. If your door has screws, you may want to update them. If your door has bolts, you might want to replace them with new ones that are not stripped or rusted. You can also upgrade your door by updating the springs. If they’re old, you can replace them with compacted ones with a higher breaking rating, or you can simply get springs made of lighter metal. It’ll save you money, and most likely, the latter option will make your garage door quieter.

3. Replace the Whole Door

If you’re bored with your garage door and it’s also in poor condition, you might want to consider replacing it with a whole new one. You can go for a garage door with windows since it’ll allow light to enter your garage. Alternatively, you could choose one with a window just above the main door to add in a security system or an intercom system to let people outside your home easily communicate with you. If you have pets, you might want to choose a door with a window at the bottom so they can see outside. You can also select a new garage door that’s made of a different material that will be longer-lasting and more resistant to damage than the old one. Replacing your door is one of the most significant changes you can make to your garage to give it a new look. At Garage Door Doctor in Indianapolis and Bloomington, IN, we can install new garage doors to provide you with that fantastic modern look.

4. Add Panels to Your Door

If you want to give your garage door a new look while preserving the aesthetic of your home’s design, you can add panels. These are usually made from wood and metal, and they can have paintings, riddles, or other designs on them. Wooden panels can be stained in dark or bright colors, while metal panels can have painted designs. You’ll want to choose a style that you like and that complements your house. For example, panels look good with rustic, suburban, and industrial styles. Panels can be welcome additions to a garage door that seems too plain. You can have them made and installed before or after your garage door makeover is finished.

5. Add Lights

Much like panels, lights can improve the aesthetic of your garage door. You can attach lights to the top of your door. You can also attach lights to the sides so that the door will illuminate when opened. Lights at the bottom of your door would be suitable for illuminating any tools or other items that you may occasionally need. Decorative lights can add to the original look of your garage door and make it more appealing for visitors since you can easily see what’s going on inside. You can get lights made from metal and attach them to your door. These lights will be more functional than decorative, but they can still look good.

6. Add an Alarm

Many homeowners want an alarm on their garage door but don’t want to spend too much money on it. This is where a wireless garage door alarm comes in handy. This system is popular among homeowners because they no longer have to deal with cables and wires to their garage door, making it easy to install. This alarm doesn’t require any wiring. Everything you need comes in one package, including brackets that you can use to attach to your door. This alarm will give you an extra layer of security and protect you against thieves.

7. Install a Remote

The remote that you can use to control your garage door is the same type of remote you can use to control a TV or DVD player. They’re all wireless, and they operate at different frequencies. The controller can be placed anywhere inside your home, preferably near the garage door so that you will have easy access to it. The remote can also be placed on a wall in your home where you can access it easily. This type of remote will make it simple to open and close your garage door whenever you need to. The remote can also be programmed with several different codes. This way, you can open and close your door whenever someone rings your doorbell or when you ring the doorbell yourself. The remote is essential for any home with a garage door.

There are many different ways to give your garage door a new look without spending a lot of money on it. These methods will transform your garage door into a beautiful addition to your home. When you update your garage door, you may notice that it’s quieter, stronger, and more durable and that your garage is much more convenient to use. You can also enjoy the benefits of a more secure home when you decide to install a remote that’ll allow you to quickly and easily open and close your door.

At Garage Door Doctor, we offer garage door repairs and maintenance services in Indianapolis, Bloomington, and the surrounding areas of Indiana. We’d love to help you give your door that new look and make it more appealing to use. We also install garage door openers and replace old or damaged garage doors. Contact us now for more information or a free consultation.

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