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Commercial Garage Doors in Indianapolis

by | Jan 22, 2020

Commercial Garage Door Installation and Repair

When a garage door in your commercial space malfunctions, it can bring your company’s production schedule to a grinding halt. You need garage door installation and repair that lives up to the quality that you would expect from your own business, and you’ll find it with the garage door experts at Garage Door Doctor in Indianapolis! Your business has enough on its plate to have to worry about your garage door going bust. We take pride in only installing the absolute best garage doors in the industry, so you can rest easy knowing you have a quality product installed and an expert team to back it up.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Depending on your commercial business needs, Garage Door Doctor can install or repair several different varieties of garage doors. Every business is different, and Garage Door Doctor can help you determine which garage door choice is right for you.

Insulated Sandwich Doors

These simple, sleek doors are designed to look great and keep the climate controlled in your commercial space. When the weather outside is freezing cold, these will help keep your space warm, and when it’s muggy and hot in the summer, you can keep the air conditioning stable inside. Insulated sandwich doors are ideal for warehouses, shipping and receiving docks, and even fire stations.


Ribbon Steel Pan & Pan Insulated Doors

These commercial garage doors are designed to hold up under the stress that comes with a high volume of movement. When your garage door needs to open and close several times throughout the day, you should consider a ribbon steel pan garage door. This variety of garage door offers high performance, reliability, and a durability that will keep things moving smoothly for years to come. These doors are great for storage facilities, industrial manufacturing, loading docks, and factories.

Aluminum Commercial Doors

This variety of commercial garage door is the show pony of the bunch. The design of these doors makes them the perfect candidate for restaurants, repair shops, car dealerships, or any other business where a garage door could also function as a window display into your business. These doors are clean and modern, while retaining the durability that you need from a commercial garage door. These doors are also easily customizable, with easy-to-remove panels that allow for quick and easy window installation. These garage doors look so good, they’re even quite common in residential projects!

Our Trusted Brands

Garage Door Doctor doesn’t trust just any brand of garage door. We have high standards for quality, because we believe our customers deserve the best. That’s why we offer doors from C.H.I. Garage Doors and Haas Garage Doors. C.H.I. doors are rugged and built to last, requiring as little maintenance as possible for the lifespan of the door. Haas doors have a reputation for industry-leading energy efficiency, sound transmission, durability, and insulation. Regardless of the environment of your commercial space, Haas doors are incredibly reliable.

Contact Garage Door Doctor Today!

Don’t hesitate to contact the expert garage door technicians at Garage Door Doctor today for your commercial garage door needs! We’ve served the Indianapolis area for several years, and we intend to continue offering quality service, installation, and repair for years to come. Contact us today for an on-site consultation, and let us provide you with a garage door your business can depend on! If you need repairs to your existing door or would like us to install a brand new product, we’ll work with you through the entire process from start to finish. We look forward to hearing from you!