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Garage Door Safety Tips in Indianapolis, IN

Top Tips for Keeping Your Garage Door Safe

According to one survey, six out of 10 American homes have a garage. When garage doors are in working condition, they can be an added convenience. But some faults can lead to accidents and even fatalities. Approximately 30,000 injuries per year happen due to garage door malfunctions. Here are some tips you ought to consider for your family’s safety.

Take Time to Learn Garage Door Features

Your garage door will come with safety features to prevent accidents. They may vary according to the model and manufacturer. But some features such as the photo-eye have been standard for garage openers for decades.

But to use safety features, you have to learn how to utilize them when there is an emergency. One of the most critical functions is mechanical release. It disengages the door when the photo eye and auto-reverse malfunction.

By learning the safety features, you won’t have to rush for the manufacturer’s manual in an emergency. And you will need to find out how it operates for routine testing of different mechanisms.

Be Cautious When the Door Is in Motion

Be cautious when the opener is closing or opening. Pay attention to pets and children running around the garage door. You ought to talk to your children about the dangers of playing when the door is in motion.

Also, avoid leaving the door open or partially closed. It can not only compromise your home’s security, but it could also be a hazard. Someone can get crushed under it when you reactive the opener.

You should watch your fingers when using the opener. As the panels are closing, your fingers can be pinched by the folds at the hinges. However, the most recent models have pinch-resistant hinges which prevent accidents.

It would help if you didn’t fiddle with the door’s mechanism. There are many parts of its mechanism that can lead to severe injuries. Consider calling Garage Door Doctor for quality repair and maintenance solutions in Indianapolis.

Keep an Eye on the Garage Door Opener

The opener to your automatic garage door can be dangerous in the hands of children. Kids can be curious, and they may pick up the remote and play with it. Always keep the remote where the little ones cannot get hold of it.

According to Pediatrics, the garage door opener is one of the devices responsible for 50,000 injuries of children. Don’t let small children play with the remote, even under supervision. The little ones can harm themselves or damage parts of the garage door mechanism.

Consider keeping the opener safe in the car away from the children’s reach. If you let them play with it, they may be tempted to use it when you are not around.

Change the Opener’s Codes

The latest models of garage door openers come with a feature that can automatically change the code. Every time you use the remote, it resets the code to prevent burglars from getting access to your home.

Unfortunately, some older models do not have the rolling code feature. You may want to change the code from time to time to keep your home safe. The changes are critical, especially if your neighbor’s garage was built around the same time. In such cases, your code may be similar to the garage opener next door.

You can check your manufacturer’s manual for instructions on how to change the code. Consider using alphanumeric characters and numbers, as you would with a regular password. Professionals from Garage Door Doctor in Indianapolis recommend changing the code at least twice a year.

If you find changing codes a chore, consider upgrading to a newer model with more convenient features. The most recent openers have Wi-Fi connectivity, vacation mode, and a guest password feature.

A garage door can last between 15 and 20 years. If your garage door is more than a decade old and showing signs of deterioration, consider getting a replacement. A newer model has fewer faults and better safety features for your home protection.

Test the Auto-Reverse Feature

The auto-reverse function has been a safety feature on garage door models for more than two decades. It prevents the door from crashing anyone or anything caught in between. If it detects even the slightest resistance, it will automatically reverse.

At Garage Door Doctor, we recommend our Indianapolis clients test the auto-reverse feature periodically. Fortunately, the process is as easy as placing a towel or paper rolls on the ground under the door. The door should reverse when it touches the object.

If your garage door doesn’t pass the test, you may want to call our professional team for troubleshooting. A faulty auto-reverse can be a hazard. It is also advisable to disconnect the door until the repairs are complete.

Perform Routine Garage Door Visual Checks

Make a point of visually inspecting your garage door every month to maintain safety. Check the fasteners, hinges, and brackets for loose connections. You can also look for signs of wear and tear, such as rusting and damage.

Inspect the door panels and handles. Are the handles away from the pinch points? If not, the door can injure your fingers. Make sure the door opens without any glitches. Check if the rollers remain within the track during its operation. Also, ensure the door opens fully and does not get stuck halfway through.

Torsion springs are amongst the most dangerous parts of the garage door. They carry the door’s weight, which could be anywhere between 130 and 400 pounds. You can visually inspect its mechanism, but don’t be tempted to fix it yourself. If the spring snaps, it can be deadly.

The torsion spring mechanism has a containment system that prevents broken components from flying dangerously into the air. You can check if the containment system is in place. The springs should be on a shaft and a cable passing through the center of the spring. If unsure, call a professional for inspections.

Schedule Routine Garage Door Maintenance

Your garage door has many intricate components that must work seamlessly for optimum efficiency and safety. But as with any other system, it can succumb to deterioration or malfunctioning parts.

Modern garage door models have multiple features to maximize safety and convenience. But these features make it even more complicated to fix. A routine visual inspection is recommended. However, always leave the repairs to an experienced technician.

It is also wise to observe routine maintenance at least once a year. You may be tempted to extend it to two years, but you risk voiding your warranty. You can confirm the terms of your warranty from the manufacturer. The conditions may vary according to the model or brand.

Routine maintenance by a technician is the best way to prevent accidents in your home. A professional can detect problems that could injure someone in your residence later. With routine maintenance, you can have peace of mind when using the garage door.

Garage Door Doctor is a family-owned and -operated company with years of experience serving residents of Indianapolis. Our team is BBB accredited, and we are also members of the International Door Association. We repair door springs, openers, and provide replacement and maintenance services for commercial and residential clients. Call us today for a 24-7 emergency service.

Garage Door Safety Tips

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