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Get A Great ROI With A Garage Door Replacement | Garage Door Doctor
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Get A Great ROI With A Garage Door Replacement

by | Mar 17, 2019

Remodeling projects and upgrades are some of the best ways to add value to your home. When considering what upgrades to make to your house, you should consider which components add the most value. There are several remodeling projects and features that deliver a strong return on investment (ROI), but very few offer the investment return that new garage doors offer.

At Garage Door Doctor, we offer replacement and installation of garage doors that will deliver the highest possible ROI in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

Home Projects That Offer The Best ROI

There are plenty of remodeling projects that you can do around the house that will offer a strong return on investment. Over the past few years, the same types of projects have ranked in similar ROI percentiles. Year after year, garage door replacements are regularly at the top of the list. Consider the following home components:

  •     Garage Door Replacement / / 97.5 percent ROI
  •     Manufactured Stone Veneer / / 94.5 percent ROI
  •     Minor Kitchen Remodel / / 80.5 percent ROI
  •     Deck Addition / / 75.6 percent ROI
  •     Entry Door Replacement / / 74.9 percent ROI

Other Reasons To Opt For A Garage Door Replacement

Replacing your garage door has taken over the top of remodeling projects with the highest ROI average. However, in addition to the cost that you recoup, there are plenty of other great reasons to contact a professional garage door company to install a new garage door. Not only will a garage door replacement increase the volume of your home, but whenever the time comes to sell your home, it will sell quicker and for more money.

While this is a significant reason to opt for a garage door replacement, let’s take a look at some other great reasons to get a new garage door.

Increased Curb Appeal

Home exterior upgrades such as garage doors rack up the largest ROI when compared to interior upgrades. Residential garage door installation enhances the curb appeal of your home.

Transform The Look of Your Home

Having curb appeal can really help when it comes to selling your home, but upgrading the whole look of your home is essential when you choose a new garage door. By adding a brand new garage door to your garage, you can transform your home! Consider these options to increase your ROI and transform your home:

  • Create Balance. Balance the exterior of your home by choosing a garage door that matches its style, design, and color.
  • Add Contrast. When getting a new garage door, select one that stands out. Match your garage door to other features of your home – complementary colors are the secret to making your garage one of the leading features of your home.
  • Restore Original Appeal. Restore the original beauty of your garage door by retouching it colors and getting any garage door repairs you may need.

Increase Your ROI With A Garage Door Replacement From Garage Door Doctor

If you want to get the best possible return on investment on a new garage door, contact the professional technicians at Garage Door Doctor. We install quality garage doors from some of the leading manufacturers and we also offer other services to keep your garage door system in tip-top shape. For more information, contact us!