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Garage Door Cable Repair & Replacement in Carmel, IN

Garage Door Doctor is the place to go for garage door cable replacement in Carmel, IN. If your garage has an overhead door, it likely relies on a spring and pully system. This makes opening and closing it easier. When that system works as intended, it’s easy to take for granted.

However, the moment it has a problem, you’ll know it. Suddenly, you might struggle to open your garage door or hear scary noises coming from it when it moves. In many of those cases, a garage door cable repair can restore your garage door to perfect working order.

Carmel Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage door cables are an essential part of most overhead door mechanisms. They help bear the door load and, in unison with the door springs, make it easier to open and close it. Some garage doors have retaining cables running through their springs, acting as a safety mechanism in case the springs break. When the former develops a problem, that can cause problems with your garage door.

For example, a cable failure on one side of the door can throw it out of alignment. This makes it difficult to open and close. A broken cable could cause the garage door opener to stall or cause the door to struggle to open. However, it’s important to know that you shouldn’t try to repair or replace a garage door cable on your own. Garage door cables operate under tension, and disconnecting them can be hazardous for the untrained.

Here are some signs that may indicate the need for a garage door cable replacement:
  • Grinding or banging sounds
  • Misaligned door
  • Stalling garage door opener
  • Loose cables
  • Jerky opening or closing

You also might need a garage door cable replacement if your existing cables are 15 years old or older. That’s about the maximum life span of the average garage door cable. So, if yours are that old and showing signs of failure, a garage door cable repair likely isn’t an option. Even if your garage door cables still appear to work normally, you might want to replace them anyway. This will help prevent possible damage from a sudden failure of aging cables.

Garage Door Cable Replacement Specialists

When you need a garage door cable repair or replacement in Carmel, Garage Door Doctor is the place to call. We’re a family-owned and operated garage door company with extensive expertise in the field. We also offer same-day appointments, so you never get stuck with a malfunctioning garage door for long. Take a look at our long list of glowing customer reviews. You’ll see why we’re the go-to garage door cable repair services provider in the area.

If you need a residential or commercial garage door cable replacement in Carmel, call us at Garage Door Doctor right away! We’re also available for garage door opener repair, garage door spring repair, garage door installation, and more.


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