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Better Service + Better Doors + Better Prices

Garage Door Doctor

Better Service + Better Doors + Better Prices

Garage Door Doctor

Better Service + Better Doors + Better Prices

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We have developed a reputation for honest, value-focused, and quality work that is affordable. WE WILL NOT BE BEAT ON PRICE! Although price is important, please consider the qualifications that Garage Door Doctor can offer with regard to credibility that cannot be matched by ANY other company in the Indianapolis area.

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Boy am I impressed! I had a spring break over the weekend and called them for a quote. My rule is to call around to get prices as I no idea what this was going cost. They quickly told me a solid price and offered to get me on the schedule. Called another place and the guy who answered said the prices were up to me and the tech. Major red flag - So, I called Garage Door Doctor back. I had a coupon and they got me in for the next day. My tech was Brent and he called about 15 minutes before the two hour window to tell me his name and advise he was on his way. He was very professional and explained exactly what he was going to do and how the mechanism worked. The work took him about 20 minutes and he made sure everything else was in good working order. He mentioned that the seal on my door would possibly need to be replaced in the future, however, indicated I really didn't need it done currently. Super guy! We settled up the bill (exactly what was quoted over the phone) and he was very thorough in explaining what I was signing and what the warranty was. I can't say enough great things about this company. If only I could clone them to be every repair place I work with!

Lacey U.
Indianapolis, IN
5.0 star rating - 12/2/2014

We needed to call due to the springs on our door breaking. Both of them. Big grrrrrumble. The first encounter, the Phone Call, was pleasant and made for a good first impression.

They fit me in the next day and the fellow showed up at the back half of the three hour time frame they mentioned. Ah, well, nothing to be sour about. He immediately found the problem, the springs being a pretty common one.

Within twenty minutes it was done, even though the amiable Door Doctor was able to honor me with some of the quite interesting stories of the trade. A great technician and if the need arises in the future, I will be sure to use this company.

Aaron W.
Indianapolis, IN
5.0 star rating - 9/25/2014

They came out very quickly and solved the problem in under an hour. The pricing was very fair, too. Would use again

Valerie M.
Indianapolis, IN
5.0 star rating - 3/19/2014

Holy cow. Amazingly thorough and courteous. Brent helped me out. Couldn't recommend enough. Reasonable price for a double spring replacement.

Joe D.
Indianapolis, IN
5.0 star rating - 8/8/2014

I'm in the midst of getting several repairs on my house, and this was by far the most professional company I've dealt with. Service was fast and there was no hard sell on upgrades. Considering the fact that my door had multiple problems and seemed to be falling apart, this was very inexpensive at $162. The repair tech was extremely informative, polite and fast. Great customer service.

Stephen B.
Indianapolis, IN
5.0 star rating - 4/21/2014

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